Dead Dogs and Dried​-​Up Dreams

by A.M. Rodriguez

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All songs by A.M. Rodriguez 2016
except 'Dead Dogs and Dried-Up Dreams' by Rodriguez and Jason Bible
Recorded Spring 2016
Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Jason Bible at Hatlamp Studios in Savannah, GA.
Produced by A.M. Rodriguez and Jason Bible


released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


A.M. Rodriguez Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: Dead Dogs and Dried-Up Dreams
In our town when all the land was dry our grandmothers would pray for rain
But while thinning hands clawed up, bone-like at the sky, brier grew thick ‘round their graves
We buried them out in back of our of yards, next to our dead dogs and dried up dreams--
--Wishes we’d planted for a factory full of jobs, but now that’s a spring we’ll never see

Ah, but sure as hell down at the bottom of the well
I will thirst in fire and flame
Got no headstone in the dustbowl sand
And no sun to light up no name

In the basement where my father swept, baby brother broke his teeth on glass
While older sister lost her husband to the fold of Christians up around the pass
I heard they promised him all he could want--a loving father for all his life
but when daddy cuts his face while shaving in the morning it’s a sure bet momma’ll be made to cry

Crawling out of the valley I saw three old men on a ledge
The youngest one he flew himself off and hovered just below the edge
“Come down, come down, the air is fine!” is what he told his friends
“We’re falling out to Glory tonight.” So their backs, they turned to him.

Down South I met a madonna and child. Their legs were marked with sores.
They asked me where I’d go for work. “Well, Momma always said I was a whore.”
They pointed me to a city of sin with bright lights, where the sun don’t shine.
But no work I found, nor response to the sound of cries for my body to be touched

I went to see young Neil out west, he told me we could play
But I met old Rhonda in the swap and we grew a place to stay
Walls of thicket and stone reminded me how I’d roamed, and it was then I knew.
She told me in bed, as my eyes my eyes grew dead, “Honey, you can never go home.”
Track Name: Melissa's Song
Well, go on, girl, and build you that mountain,
the one carved from two trees and painted by your hands
I would love to cook for you
nightly by our fires we built on the land

It will be older than all us
older than our country and all of my dreams--
memories I imagined and stretched out to tape
for your ears to take in whenever you please

So if you drive out Route 6
I could meet you in Erie
The Alleghenies will roll
and spill all around

The lush of the green
will fall red into Autumn
and soon colored blankets
will cover the ground

But for now, on the TV,
men consume each other
a bone tomahawk just split
one right in two

This is my city life
here in Georgia
so I wished that we’d talked more
last night in the bed

that we shared in your motel
and I didn’t pay for a thing.
I felt warm and safe
and could not believe the years

that exist between our hands
from here near to Canada
so I hope one day to visit
you off the grid.

So if you’d drive out Route 6
I’ll still meet you in Erie
The Alleghenies will roll
and spill all ‘round us

The lush of the green
fell red into Autumn
and now colored blankets
they cover the ground

And I’ll give you what work
these tattooed hands can offer
but until then,
this song, it is all I can do

So if you’re driving Route 6
think of me in Erie
as the Alleghenies roll
and spill all ‘round you

The lush of the green
we lost somewhere back in Autumn
and stone-white blankets
they now cover the ground
Track Name: Breakdown #2
Well, I finally had my breakdown
It was only partly because of her
I had a summer baked in shit
And that brown liquor was the cure.
No breath was in my house,
No air was in my lungs
She was my therapy--
Oh, lord I know I weren’t much fun
But I cooked and cleaned for her
And tried to hear my best
Through the marijuana smoke clouds
That were seeping through my chest
They kept me high above my life
My depressed surroundings--
I was so out of my head
That I thought she’d make me a wife
But she went and left me there--
While I was loving still--
To be single amongst my friends
As I leaned on windowsills
Staring out at nothing
With hurt for everyone
But the great sky is always
Before and after the storm.

So now I’m going to get better
I’ll take it day by day
No more whiskey for breakfast
Even if my anxiety stays
And lingers on ‘til dinner
With stray pangs from common life
When I see uncommon objects
That remind me how we loved.
And it’s not even noon
And goddamn, I miss my drink
Even more than I miss her
Even more than I care to think.

I believe I’m building something
Though I ain’t sure quite what
But there’s a love somewhere inside
Of this broken, damaged slut.
I’m gonna share it with someone
If you’re listening, it’s you
Oh, I did not forget the things
I told her I’d do
Because I’m a man of my word
Right now, that’s really all I got
She loved me for it once
After I punched a man in the face.
Track Name: Deliah's Mother's Blues
Oh, poor Deliah, your body is dead and gone
He took you to the creekside
and now you’re never coming home
You left your father and I alone

What violence has lead you
To appear the way you do?
In the current like a rotting log--
With your cheeks and tongue all blue
--and your eyes glazed over, too…

In the courthouse this morning
He gave the reasons why
I guess you cheated on him
And he saw you fit to die

It was only partly about the sex
A lot more about his fear
He was a weak man
So now I hold your father, Dear

Because you were our only daughter
And I’m too old to have a son
--a parent fears for her child always
But now all my fears are gone
Yes, a parent fears for her child always,
But now all my fears are gone

Oh, Poor Deliah
Your body is spent and gone
He took you to the creekside
And now you’re never coming home
You left your father and I alone
Track Name: Sundays
Well the booze ain’t a need
It’s just something I feed
And I wish that I were stronger
Than to quit the day
But I grew this way
I wasn’t born with a sadness like hunger
No, it’s something I learned
And in return
My body and soul grew lustful

Because Sundays are the worst
I’ll start to sweat
When she sees the mess
I’ll puke up blood and sorrow

Now, Christy’s gone away
And I wish that she’d stay
Out of hearsay and memory
But there once was a year
I shared with her my fears
And it scared her oh quite a plenty

Because Sundays are the worst
But I’ll sweat ‘em out
When I see the mess
I’ll puke up blood and sorrow