Well, go on, girl, and build you that mountain,
the one carved from two trees and painted by your hands
I would love to cook for you
nightly by our fires we built on the land

It will be older than all us
older than our country and all of my dreams--
memories I imagined and stretched out to tape
for your ears to take in whenever you please

So if you drive out Route 6
I could meet you in Erie
The Alleghenies will roll
and spill all around

The lush of the green
will fall red into Autumn
and soon colored blankets
will cover the ground

But for now, on the TV,
men consume each other
a bone tomahawk just split
one right in two

This is my city life
here in Georgia
so I wished that we’d talked more
last night in the bed

that we shared in your motel
and I didn’t pay for a thing.
I felt warm and safe
and could not believe the years

that exist between our hands
from here near to Canada
so I hope one day to visit
you off the grid.

So if you’d drive out Route 6
I’ll still meet you in Erie
The Alleghenies will roll
and spill all ‘round us

The lush of the green
fell red into Autumn
and now colored blankets
they cover the ground

And I’ll give you what work
these tattooed hands can offer
but until then,
this song, it is all I can do

So if you’re driving Route 6
think of me in Erie
as the Alleghenies roll
and spill all ‘round you

The lush of the green
we lost somewhere back in Autumn
and stone-white blankets
they now cover the ground


from Dead Dogs and Dried​-​Up Dreams, released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


A.M. Rodriguez Savannah, Georgia

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