Well, I finally had my breakdown
It was only partly because of her
I had a summer baked in shit
And that brown liquor was the cure.
No breath was in my house,
No air was in my lungs
She was my therapy--
Oh, lord I know I weren’t much fun
But I cooked and cleaned for her
And tried to hear my best
Through the marijuana smoke clouds
That were seeping through my chest
They kept me high above my life
My depressed surroundings--
I was so out of my head
That I thought she’d make me a wife
But she went and left me there--
While I was loving still--
To be single amongst my friends
As I leaned on windowsills
Staring out at nothing
With hurt for everyone
But the great sky is always
Before and after the storm.

So now I’m going to get better
I’ll take it day by day
No more whiskey for breakfast
Even if my anxiety stays
And lingers on ‘til dinner
With stray pangs from common life
When I see uncommon objects
That remind me how we loved.
And it’s not even noon
And goddamn, I miss my drink
Even more than I miss her
Even more than I care to think.

I believe I’m building something
Though I ain’t sure quite what
But there’s a love somewhere inside
Of this broken, damaged slut.
I’m gonna share it with someone
If you’re listening, it’s you
Oh, I did not forget the things
I told her I’d do
Because I’m a man of my word
Right now, that’s really all I got
She loved me for it once
After I punched a man in the face.


from Dead Dogs and Dried​-​Up Dreams, released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


A.M. Rodriguez Savannah, Georgia

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