Latona Basement Sessions

by A.M. Rodriguez

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released May 15, 2014



all rights reserved


A.M. Rodriguez Savannah, Georgia

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Track Name: Fuck Houston
At night we sat
and watched the sky
It sweltered in the summer,
Oh, how we writhed

In the heat of the evening, I said,
"I hope your city burns"
But no one was listening
because they were tired of my words.

In the morning we climbed the overpass
and I watched the clouds
reach down and grasp
with giant white arms,
and swirling grey wrists
and blackened hands
that touched the roofs,
pointing to the fires
in your city's tallest building.

And I pretended it was smoke
and all the people were screaming.
But later I found it was just a transformer, burning.

Yeah, later I found I was not so sad.
Track Name: Bottle and Some Pills
I got a day's ride
back to where I's born
where there's a woman
who wants to show me a good time.
I'm gonna buy her yellow flowers
for her hair she's gonna wear 'em all night
out beneath the stars so bright
while we're dancing in her yard.

I got a bottle and some pills
for the lonely night
I always take them
to know not where I'll go.
Last time, ended up in jail
and now I'm on the road.
Hopefully, next time she'll write
or I might pull this knife from my side...

I had a bird once,
her name was Annabel Lee
and she was pretty and strong
as a rose in the Spring
until one day, when she flew
away from me
left me to experiment and see
how much whiskey I could drink
and how all lonesome I could be.
Track Name: Dancing in the Dark
The Boss